Save the Westminster Arms!

There’s a planning application with Westminster Council that would bring about the END of the Westminster Arms pub in Storey’s Gate. We’re #upinarms about it!

The Westminster Arms, rebuilt in 1913, is one of the best pubs in the area, and a known drinking hole for civil servants, politicians, and tourists. It’s even served to Angelina Jolie, Desmond Tutu, and Bill Clinton!

It’s proximity to Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, and St. James’s Park make it a Great British Institution.

But big corporate developers want to build 9 luxury apartments next door, and turn the pub’s basement wine bar into an apartment too! We need your help to save the Westminster Arms!


But more importantly, register your objection with the council. It takes just TWO minutes.

1. Click here to go to the council website and fill in the form.

2. Click ‘OBJECT‘ and state your reason for objecting, or copy and paste the text below.

I am writing to object to the development of Clutha House, 10 Storey’s Gate, on the basis that it would likely put one of the best public houses, The Westminster Arms, out of business. The area does not need 9 new luxury apartments, but it does need a hub for tourists, for local workers, and indeed I believe the heritage of the area should be protected.

That’s it! Thanks for your support. And make sure you tweet about your support!

Press contact: Raheem Kassam, 07872833322, raheemkassam[at]


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